Halloween day in Shibuya.

Hello, i want to share about today activists. Today i did lot of things and travel in Tokyo places . First of all today woke up early and went outside for doing cardio. we were five in number from different countries. Our cardio destination was from Matoba to Kawagoe Irai river. It was almost 3 kilometer distance. It was wonderful weather. After one and half hour cardio we were back home and took rest. In the afternoon we had plan to visit in Shibuya,Tokyo. Around 4 o’clock we have been started our journey from Kasumigaseki to Ikebukoro in Tobu Tojo train line. It took approximately 35 minutes with express train. Then we took a Yamanoto line from Ikebukoro. we reached in shibuya around 4:45 pm. It was crowed place. Usually shibuya crowed with foreign and Japanese people. It was Halloween day, so it was quiet busy compare to normal days. People gathered in Shibuya from differenent place to were strange costume. It was amazing evening with my bossom friends. We enjoyed a lot in Halloween party. It would be my memorial day in my life.

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