My First Blog Post

Hello, my favorite bloggers!

On this page, I will briefly tell you about myself, my goals and the purpose of this blog.

Hello, I am Mizu MD Mominur Rahman. I am currently 2nd year student of Tokyo International University.

Shopping Experience

Today is October 9th . I have visited in odiba, Tokyo. It is beautiful place for roaming. I went there with some of bosom friends. I did shopping from Aqua city GAP show room. I bought some winter clothes like hoodie, jacket etc. It was reasonable. Furthermore i have got new experience from this shop. Thank you GAP.

Today’s journey

Hello, i want to share about today activists. Today i did lot of things and travel in Tokyo places . First of all today woke up early and went outside for doing cardio.

Life long learning blogs post

This is going the third week of our IT literacy class. this week we learnt many about how to organize the website . in this week i added three menu bars as well as three blog pages. Day by day its becoming well furnish.