My First Blog Post

Hello, my favorite bloggers!

On this page, I will briefly tell you about myself, my goals and the purpose of this blog.

Hello, I am Mizu MD Mominur Rahman. My nationality is Bangladeshi. I am currently 2nd year student of Tokyo International University. I have been studying in the department of international Relations. Though my past academic study background and basic was Business field. But i have decided to study International Relations as my major courses. I have interest to further study in this field.

This is my first websites from this websites i want post informative post which i will gain from my personal experience.

Thank you.

An Article About Women Empowerment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia. A few decades ago in rural areas, women used to depend on others, but now women are doing an extraordinary job, support her family well take care of her children and contribute to the country’s economic development. Through the Microcredit system, women get an opportunity and actually Microcredit created for disadvantaged people of society who don’t have the ability to take the big loan from the ordinary bank by keeping the property for security. Microcredit is simple and sustainable for business. Microcredit is providing as powerful tools for human resources development, income generation, women empowerment, safekeeping of food, and alleviating poverty from the society. The Microcredit system which has a great impact on Bangladesh’s economy and the credit system is also making space for women’s performance and women are becoming more independent and help to reduce the poverty level of the country.

HTML Tutorial From Khan Academy

  • Lately i am doing practice HTML in Khan Academy Tutorial. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is important for programming language that utilized to make pages on the internet view table. Furthermore HTML is the best language for site creation. Through the Khan Academy HTML tutorial i can learn many things such as the history of HTML, the importance of HTML tag, what is HTML Attributes? and basic construction of HTML page, how to add text in HTML, Anchor Tag, How to add image in HTML to my website, style and format. I also learnt from this tutorial is that there are six size of heading tags, the most important heading is <h1>. It is highest heading of HTML. However <h6> , the least important. I would like to briefly describe above the HTML elements. T
  • Tag are used to mark up the start of an HTML element and they are usually enclosed in angle brackets. Example: <h1> </h1>
  • Attributes contain additional pieces of information Attributes take the form of an opening tag and additional info is placed inside. Example: <img src = “my car. jpg” alt = ” A photo of my car”
  • Usually open tag is <tag> , and close tag is </tag>
  • Anchor start with <a>.
  • If i want to add image in my site i have needed to use <img> tage. It also contains an attribute.

Shopping Experience

Today is October 9th . I have visited in Odiba, Tokyo. It is beautiful place for roaming. I went there with some of bosom friends. I did shopping from Aqua city GAP show room. I bought some winter clothes like hoodie, jacket etc. It was reasonable. Furthermore i have got new experience from this shop. Thank you GAP. After finished shopping we went to next shopping mall. The shopping mall name is Venus Fort . It is amazing shopping mall i have ever seen in Tokyo. Shopping mall decoration is good. Then we went to Ocean club Buffet restaurant for launch. In restaurant had different kinds of Japaneses food collection as well as some chines food. It was delicious, we enjoyed the food. Honestly it had a good day in Odiba.

Halloween day in Shibuya.

Hello, i want to share about today activists. Today i did lot of things and travel in Tokyo places . First of all today woke up early and went outside for doing cardio. we were five in number from different countries. Our cardio destination was from Matoba to Kawagoe Irai river. It was almost 3 kilometer distance. It was wonderful weather. After one and half hour cardio we were back home and took rest. In the afternoon we had plan to visit in Shibuya,Tokyo. Around 4 o’clock we have been started our journey from Kasumigaseki to Ikebukoro in Tobu Tojo train line. It took approximately 35 minutes with express train. Then we took a Yamanoto line from Ikebukoro. we reached in shibuya around 4:45 pm. It was crowed place. Usually shibuya crowed with foreign and Japanese people. It was Halloween day, so it was quiet busy compare to normal days. People gathered in Shibuya from differenent place to were strange costume. It was amazing evening with my bossom friends. We enjoyed a lot in Halloween party. It would be my memorial day in my life.

Life long learning blogs post

This is going the third week of our IT literacy class. This week we learnt many things about word press websites . For instance we learnt, how to organize the website such as customize, menu bar like Home, Portfolio, and Blog bar. In this week i added three menu bars as well as three blog pages. Each blog post is different topics. Furthermore i have created my personal logo which is my profile of my website. Day by day its becoming well furnish. I believe that end of semester this websites would be professional Websites.